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Book Signing! 
Howard County Library
February 10 from 10-Noon!
Books make a great Valentine's Day gift . . . *Smile*


Featured Book of the Month
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 Shootout in Old Amarillo

Halloween night can't get any worse when her boss, Joseph Clanton, is a no-show and Kelly is stuck closing up the Dairy King alone . . . or so she thought. A cryptic order from an empty room and late-season twister combine to make Kelly's Halloween night a truly unforgettable one by sending her spiraling back through the folds of time and depositing her smack in the middle of an ancient grudge match between none other than Wyatt Earp and Ike Clanton. Can Kelly survive the shootout in the streets of Old Amarillo while dodging Virgil's knife and denying Doc Holliday's romantic advances all while trying to find her way back home?

5 Star Praise for
Shootout in Old Amarillo
"Great time travel story. Love the real characters mixed in the fictional story"


All four installments of the Indian Em'ly series is now available in one book. Available in both print and digital formats.

What happened to the Everlasting Heart series?
A Heart on Hold, A Heart Broken, A Heart at Home, and A Heart Forever Wild are re-releasing with new covers so you probably can't find them on Amazon.  However -be prepared to be wowed when Charlotte and Sanderson's story comes to life again with Prairie Rose Publications.

If you need a print copy in the meantime, email

What happens when Katie Knepp forsakes her Old Order Amish lifestyle to journey south to Texas in search of adventure and a fabled Mennonite settlement? 
Find out in Old Amarillo, my Amish western. 

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