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Books for Children and Young Adults

The Saga of Indian Em'ly
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Four installments in one complete book

What a wonderful story to get middle grader
s involved in reading AND Texas history! Wind That Knocks Down Lodges and Cactus Flower could be my kids, your kids, or my grandkids. I fell in love with these believable characters. Following the heartbreaking events leading up to their hellish capture, I can't fully decide whose side I'm on . . . the Apache or the Pale Face. However, I certainly can't wait for the next book in the series, On The Colorado Trail! I wish I had had this to use in my classroom when I was still teaching.

On a side note, what made this book even more captivating was that it is rooted in fact, around the star-cross'd Indian Em'ly, who perished at Fort Davis due to her love for a soldier stationed there.

Shootout in Old Amarillo
Time Travel Western
Halloween night can't get any worse when her boss, Joseph Clanton, is a no-show and Kelly is stuck closing up the Dairy King alone . . . or so she thought. A cryptic order from an empty room and late-season twister combine to make Kelly's Halloween night a truly unforgettable one by sending her spiraling back through the folds of time and depositing her smack in the middle of an ancient grudge match between none other than Wyatt Earp and Ike Clanton. Can Kelly survive the shootout in the streets of Old Amarillo while dodging Virgil's knife and denying Doc Holliday's romantic advances all while trying to find her way back home?

5 Star Praise for Shootout in Old Amarillo
"Great time travel story. Love the real characters mixed in the fictional story."

Chunky Sugars

What happens when Mommy gets all of her chunky little baby's sugars? Find out in this fun read-with-me book made just for Mommies and Babies!
Soon to be available as an audio book! check back for more!

5 Stars from Amazon and Goodreads
An adorable baby bear cub and his mama spend some quality time together sharing snuggles and, of course, some chunky sugars. What are chunky sugars you ask? Well, I’m sure you’ve shared enough of them with your own cubs, those sweet smooches you can never get enough of. 
So what does our adorable baby bear cub and his mama like to do you ask? Well, they like to play outside, swim with the fishes, and eat all the honey and blueberries they can find. Mama also loves to share those special chunky sugars all over her chunky baby’s cheeks, fluffy head and feet. So when you read Chunky Sugars to your little cub, be sure to dish out all the sugar you can, but don’t forget to count those hearts, look for bee’s and say a quick hello to Mother Nature while you’re at it. Oh, and watch out for those new baby teeth, they hurt!
Chunky Sugars is an adorable book written by Sara Barnard who happens to dish out chunky sugars to her own chunky babies. Joshua Stolte is the man behind the adorable illustrations in Chunk Sugars that have an eye catching, 3D like quality to them. They are fun to look at, but not overwhelming for your little ones. They also offer a wonderful way to introduce new words to your children’s vocabulary with images of bee’s and fish, hearts and hugs, even teeth. 
Chunky Sugars is the perfect introductory book for your own chunky baby, and whether you call them smooches, kisses, planting a smacker or a chunky sugar, you’ll appreciate the message behind this adorable book.
 -- Enchanted Children's Book Reviews

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Little Spoon

19th-Century Navajo pre-schooler, Walks With A Stumble, wants nothing more than to be a great chef someday. However he is more than a bit clumsy and must learn that in order to achieve your dreams, the first thing you have to do is stay true to yourself. 
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The ABC's of Texas Plants

#1 Nature Book for Kids

Another lovely plant book from Sara Barnard. Great pictures and wonderful, down-home information. I like learning the fun stuff about some of our great state's most interesting plants! Check out The ABCs of Oklahoma Plants, too. Both would make excellent additions to a classroom library!

From Anderson to Zavala and El Paso to Wilbarger, come "waltz" down the alphabet with some of the silliest, strangest, and just plain weirdest plants that the Lone Star State has to offer! Hairy grama, check. Xylorhiza wrightii, check. Bluebonnets are are so much more than just blue, check. This book has them all and then some!
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The ABC's of Oklahoma Plants

#1 Nature Book for Kids

Great nonfiction book about Oklahoma plants, written with a conversational style kids will love. Great for classrooms! Author Ann Swann

Farkleberry. Chrysothamnus nauseosus . Old Man’s Beard. Zanthoxylum clava-herculis. What do all of these farkling, nauseating, hairy clubs of Hercules have in common? They are all easily-identifiable plants found in Oklahoma, that's what!
Get yours today! Print, audio or digital formats available.

The Big Bad Wolf Really Isn't so Big and Bad

#1 Wolf Book for Kids
Does anything scare a wolf? What do wolves eat? Are wolves really big, bad, and mean? 
Come along with Cocoa the Gray Wolf and discover America's largest wild dog for yourself!

Get your copy here, in digital or print!

--- 5 Stars from Amazon, Journey:
I hope parents and school teachers will use this book to educate children about these amazing animals. This book is not just for children though.

It's sad to know that stories like "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Three Little Pigs" have helped create and spread negative views about wolves when the fact is, they're afraid of man and rarely attack people. In contrast, native American Indians revered them and Cherokee Indians never even killed wolves. Wolves only kill prey for food and they love their puppies and other members of their pack.

Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down. I liked it so much that I changed my profile photo to show my support for wolves. I loved this book and I highly recommend it.




A haunted mallet. A spooky song. An old west ghost story. Can Shelby survive a family camping trip or will the ghost of past misdeeds come calling? 

Shelby didn’t want to go on the family camping trip with her parents and baby sister Rhea. Sitting around telling ghost stories couldn’t be more boring, even if one of the stories is supposedly true. When she accidently gets a scrape on her finger from the wooden mallet that is the heart of her mother’s ghost story, and not to mention also a bloodstained antique from the cowboy days, Shelby gets a glimpse of what she may have unwittingly unleashed into modern times. With the help of her family, Shelby must try to piece together the story of the haunted mallet and a certain song by the Eagles that keeps playing ... and playing ... and playing – before this Texas-sized ancestral ghost story takes a turn that just might be headed down a dead end. 

-- 5 Stars from Amazon, Christi Upson

Shelby's family is camping and, of course, telling ghost stories around the campfire. When her mother tells of a haunted mallet that supposedly was used to kill a desperado in the Old West, Shelby is fascinated, but disbelieving. On the way home from the camping trip, strange things occur when Shelby finds out the mallet is in the car with them. How can they break the curse of the mallet?

An easy and enjoyable read. Ms. Barnard tells a great story and makes her characters easy to relate to. Highly recommend this book.

A must read for any Texan who champions the underdog!

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